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Thursday, July 01, 2010

KEnapa match Bola sepak mesti 45 minit ???

Why football is played for 45 minutes in each half?
Those who thought of this must have lots of time
Why people play football for 45 minutes, not 30 minutes or 1 hour?
Even the sports scientist and some of the senior players could not give
the right answer.
In that confusing situation one person came up with a reasonable answer.

He said......."The reason people play this game for 45 minutes is...

There are 2 teams and there are 11 players in each team.
Each player brings his own "2 balls"
So in total there are 44 balls.

There is one ball on the ground itself. Thus the grand total is 45".
Question Answered !!
Sometimes there is extra time of 2 mins which is the referee's ball!!!!

hahaha... peace... :P

always be a good boY/gaL... dont Get SpanK!!!~[^_*]V~

10 rakyat jelata:

aanz said...

extra time 2 mins 4 ref??

tbe2 teringat match england vs german..
geram u..hohoo

beLalanG said...

aanz ~> hahahha... masih geram lg???? :P

E.d.Y said...

habis kalau 3minit extra time macam mana lak??sape la yg ada "bola" satu je tu..haha

apiih said...

hahahaha...xde kne mgena..LOL..

mohdandmeriam said...

salam bllg..bllg ni agaknya maths moden n add maths dapat A+ n mesti belajar account sebab tu bijak menghitung..hehehe..

beLalanG said...

edy ~> entahla... bola edy kot.. muahahah :P

beLalanG said...

apiih ~> tu la reason nyer kenapa setiap half time 45 minit. :P

beLalanG said...

cikyam ~> hahaha... addmath bllg dlu truk..dpt e je..:P
tp kalo baba teori bllg mmg bijak.. anak bapak kan!!! :P

Parkcheek Chun Li said...

giler lucah....wakakakakaaa

beLalanG said...

pakcheek ~> eley... pkcik lg lucah! :P

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