Thursday, June 30, 2011

can sombedy tell me????

coz everytime wednesday arrived, 
all i can see a lot of new entries 
from a blogger
using a same title but different context. 

what is that???
the title is called such 

is there any contest of this? 
can someone tell me exactly what happen here?
i think that i lost something here..
eventhough i always keep up with blogger's issue ( i think ekekeke :P)
well, at least i tried to.. 

so.. can someone tell me...???
bcoz the one who confuse n wordless here is 

always be a good boY/gaL... dont Get SpanK!!!~[^_*]V~

11 rakyat jelata:

sissyira said...


ce citer2 ce citer..hehe

HEROICzero said...

wordless wednesday, up satu gambar hari rabu, without saying (typing) a word, as d picture itself has explained everything.

quite interesting jugak.

in a way, untuk buat blogger2 semakin malas untuk menulis, dan update entri yang 'sampah'.


delarocha said...

bukan segmen, just tema... hari rabu untuk bagi ruang gambar berbicara :-)

ADfeez said...

heroic ~> hahhahhaa.... satu "hit" disitu...:P

ADfeez said...

delarocha ~> oh.... since when nie?

AH7 said...

diam sudah

Anonymous said...

apa la xtau..ishk3:D

ADfeez said...

ah7 ~> xleh bro.. aku nk bising gak.. hahahaha :P

ADfeez said...

izzy ~> hahaha.. sy budak bru belaja.. kalo slh tlg jolokkan.. eh tnjukkan..:P

i am S!L4H.. said...

cm best je. hehe. alamak komen yg 1st tu memang best la. agak sentap. haha

ADfeez said...

i am silah ~> hahahaha.. heroic mmg sinis... sbb tu die best :)

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